Ira Schachar, MD MSc

Meet Dr. Schachar

Ira Schachar MD MSc

Dr. Ira Schachar, a seasoned and board-certified ophthalmologist, brings over eight years of expertise to vitreoretinal diseases of the eye. Born and raised in Texas as the oldest of five siblings, his journey across the United States has enriched his practice with diverse experiences.

Dr. Schachar earned his medical degree with distinction from Washington University in St. Louis. This laid the foundation for an internship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, where he met his future wife on public transportation, and bonded over their shared love of bad reality TV. He then moved to Ann Arbor during his residency at the University of Michigan laid his foundation of his ophthalmic training while turning him into a devoted Michigan fan.

With a commitment to academia and underserved communities, Dr. Schachar spent seven years as an Assistant Professor at Stanford. He provided exceptional care to an underserved county population with retinal pathology and received teaching awards during his residency, fellowship, and as an attending physician. His passion for innovation led him to run a lab at Stanford focused on drug development for retinal diseases.

Moving to Santa Rosa with his family, Dr. Schachar joined North Bay Vitreoretinal Consultants, continuing his dedication to advancing eye care. A proud father of two, with a third on the way in less than three years, he balances a thriving career with family life. Beyond medicine, Dr. Schachar enjoys hobbies such as juggling, insect collecting, and amateur card magic. 

In essence, Dr. Ira Schachar’s story reflects dedication, compassion, and a genuine zest for life. His journey, from Texas to Santa Rosa, is a testament to the seamless integration of professional excellence, personal fulfillment, and a commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those he serves.