Your Visit

Our physicians and staff strive to make your appointment in our office as comfortable and informative as possible. In addition, our patients are provided with extensive educational tools, materials and website referrals, so that you can be well informed and an active participant in the management of your eye condition.

We are committed to giving all of our patients our utmost attention and expert treatment. In an effort to deliver comprehensive retinal care, we provide exams, testing and treatment in our office – usually during just one appointment. Initial evaluations generally take up to three hours. The length of follow-up appointments will vary based upon the services the physician determines you need; a typical follow-up appointment may range from one to two hours.

At the time you make your appointment, our office staff will provide additional details about what you should expect during your appointment with us. Please pay close attention to this information.

Both of your eyes will be dilated which can impair vision for several hours. It is recommended that you do not drive yourself and have other means of transportation. Please make sure you take your scheduled medications prior to your visit. If you are on supplemental oxygen, please make sure your supply exceeds your expected time needs.

Please bring the following items with you to your appointment:

  • Your medical insurance card(s)
  • Photo identification of any type
  • Authorization from your health insurance or your primary care physician
  • A list of your current medications
  • All medicated eye drops
  • Names and telephone information of emergency contacts
  • Eyeglasses for both corrective vision and driving needs
  • Any completed NBVC forms either mailed to you or downloaded from our website
  • A copy of your Durable Power of Attorney if applicable
  • An English translator if needed
  • Diabetic patients should consider bringing with them a snack if the appointment time is close to their regular meal time
  • If you have other health issues the name and contact information of those specialists

While we strive to see all of our patients promptly, the NBVC practice treats emergency patients on a regular basis. On rare occasions, these emergencies may require us to delay or reschedule your appointment. We appreciate your patience under these circumstances, and your understanding that, should you have a vitreoretinal emergency, you would receive the same expedited care.